Episode 2

The History Of Three Daggers

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. 

Hey reader, greetings again.

Don’t you want your name in the next episode?

then why didn’t you comment the story name according to you, you still have this last episode to do it else I’ll reveal the original story name. and your chance that your name to be featured on this blog will remain as a dream.

So, where was I in the last episode? hmm, OH! I told you about Kabray and its people. if you missed it don’t worry. just click here.

Now let’s go to Kabray, WAIT! you still don’t know how will you get there, I’ll tell you the history behind it and how will we get there.

well you just cant hire  rocket from NASA and go to Kabray, like wush… I know another way to Kabray it is called a link or you can say a pathway.

In order to establish a link to Kabray, one need special daggers known as Kamit’s Daggers.

There exist 3 Kamit’s daggers on our Earth,

  1. The first one is with me, it belonged to Tame Kamit.
  2. The second one is with Marcus Kamit brother of Tame Kamit and Folick Kamit. and the dagger belonged to Folick Kamit.
  3. The third one is with Marcus himself and it belonged to him.

Daggers were given to them by their father.

These three Daggers combined are known as Kamit’s Daggers.


Tame Kamit was a scientist and was experimenting on nuclear reactions of uranium with some heavy metals.

Folick kamit was a physician who was studying the fourth Dimension.

Marcus Kamit was the youngest of the three of them. he was studying in 6th Grade at his school.

Tame Kamit was the first one who discovered the pathway leading to Kabray along with Folick Kamit, this was an accident.

One day when Folick was flaunting about his skills physics to Tame. and tame was also flaunting his skills in chemistry, while doing this they both came to  a topic which matched to both of their studies So, they decided to work together and after 2 years of hard work. They did something which erased their existence. Till now there is no clue of them they are pronounced dead four years from now.

Marcus told that he saw some enormous amount of energy from their laboratory, underground their house, so he rushed towards the lab , but Nothing. it was all gone. All that was left was the three daggers.

As Marcus was a little boy then and he was also an orphan, he needed parents affection. my parents adopted him. and he was the one who told me about that incident.and now I’m telling this to you.

I haven’t  seen Marcus in years now he left home this note before leaving

He also game me two of the daggers of Folick and Tame Kamit.

As my experience he was a Mysterious person.

One day I was looking through my artifacts and i saw those daggers given to me by Marcus. as i was observing the daggers, it slipped through my hands and it was not just a normal dagger fall down, as it fell onto the ground it sink 20% into the ground revealing the pathway to me and it started sucking living things inside it like insects, etc. i was also pulled by that link but hold the dagger before entering the link. this helped me as i was able to return back. and this is how i went to Kabray for the first time.

There, I was known to be a intruder so they arrested me and took me to their king. In front of the king, i told them that i don’t mean any harm to them and i was imprisoned after some time i was set free because i proved my innocence by that dagger. they then also accepted me as a person of their society and offered me a Chest Plate along with a stone of life. And a precaution was given to me more like a threatening that “if this stone gets broken you will die then and there. and your marks will be deleted as nothing ever existed.

The first time i went through that link it hurts! it pains me than having a baby or being hit on your balls with a football.

You should me thinking “if it costs this much pain to go to kabray, then why should i go there?”

Come on, he is here, i want you to meet someone, Nobody knows when he will come and when will he go. and how one can find him. we call him “Former”. But He told me that , he has chosen you for purpose and i am the one who was alloted to take you securely to him.

“hey reader, you are chosen as partner of Charlie in order to solve some of the  major issues in kabray” someone said in a mysterious, dull and horrifying way.

“This is Former” Charlie whispered

“It is not your choice to go, you have to go whether you like it or not and if you decline, I will make your life a living hell, that you can’t even imagine of” Said Former in an aggressive dull voice

“Charlie, give reader the dagger that belonged to Folick Kamit  ” former said

“This will be my pleasure, Hail Former” Said Charlie replying to Former

Remember if you lose this dagger in Kabray you can’t come back on earth, you will be trapped in kabray untill you find it back and there are people in kabray who are looking for daggers. so be alert at all times.

just put that dagger into the ground and you will be sucked into it, don’t forget that you have held the dagger before and after entering the link.

a white light flashes as Charlie and the reader begin the procedure.

To be Continued…..



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